About Lighthouse

Lighthouse Independent Media is a growth company. Leaders in business publishing in Singapore, Hong Kong and most recently Malaysia, our aim over the next few years is to expand our market-leading brands across Asia Pacific and into North America and Europe. Along the way we expect to invent a few new brands. Our brands are all multimedia – they embrace print, digital and live events.

At Lighthouse we are always experimenting with new ideas and products. Lighthouse people are consequently always working in an environment of exploration and discovery – testing the unknown. Over the years, we learned that in order for people to succeed at Lighthouse, and for Lighthouse to succeed overall, we have to hire what we have come to term “Lighthouse People”.

Lighthouse is more than the sum of its people: its success depends on how those people collaborate together to achieve great works. It’s about how they think. What they believe in. What they don’t. At Lighthouse, we believe that if every member of the company contributes in the Lighthouse way every day, then what we produce will be unique indeed.

Our staff tell us that the environment at Lighthouse is unlike just about any other place they have
worked. It is a special place with constant challenges. You’ll either love it or hate it.


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