How We Work

In order to quickly establish Lighthouse as a media company with information brands for key corporate decision making groups, Lighthouse operates by a set of key business philosophies. The most important of these are described below.

  • The Importance of Profits - Profits are very important at Lighthouse. They secure the financial future of the company and the livelihoods of all staff and shareholders. Profits lead to growth and growth is what makes Lighthouse an exciting and worthwhile place to work.
  • The Importance of Research - It is our most simple and straightforward business philosophy at Lighthouse: ask the consumers what they actually want and need (and what they don’t), and then deliver what they asked for.
  • The Importance of Change - The world is changing faster than ever before and consequently we believe that Lighthouse must change constantly in order to keep up.
  • The 10 Per Cent Rule - Continuous improvement is a key driver at Lighthouse. We have a 10 Per Cent rule. Every time we do something, it must be 10 per cent better than it was last time.
  • The ‘Thirst to be First’ Rule - We want Lighthouse products and services to be the best in their class, locally and globally.
  • The Importance of Participation - To enable every member of staff to directly influence the growth at Lighthouse, we have structured the company into a series of product teams which means that decision making is pushed down through the organisation.
  • The Importance of Teamwork - Working well within a team is a key requirement for Lighthouse people. Every member of staff will be asked to contribute regularly and positively to team meetings and work closely and collaboratively with colleagues.
  • The Importance of Staff Ownership – Profit Share Philosophy - We want each and every member of the Lighthouse team to share in Lighthouse’s success and to receive a tangible reward for their efforts when they exceed set targets.
  • The Importance of Disclosure - Whilst some company information must remain confidential, it is Lighthouse policy to trust our staff with corporate information wherever possible. We believe that the benefits gained from a fully informed team far outweighs the competitive risks.
  • Promotion by merit - The merit principle will always form the basis of recruitment and promotion within Lighthouse. Those with the attributes, skills, qualifications and experience which are required for a particular job will have an equal opportunity of being considered for the position.
  • Training is a right, not a privilege - Training is a key activity which allows for your personal and professional development. If you are developing, then so is Lighthouse.
  • Appraisals - Lighthouse operates a system of regular appraisal of staff performance. Rather than being a method of checking up on staff, it is a key tool to ensure the professional development of the member of staff is on track.
  • Friendly & Fair - We believe that all employees at Lighthouse are entitled to work in a friendly and positive environment where everyone is accorded respect, irrespective of religious beliefs, race, colour, gender, sexual preference, age or anything else.


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