Marketing & Communications Professionals

Senior marketing professionals work in marketing departments in medium and large companies and government organisations and are responsible for their organisations' brands and for supporting and driving revenues.


Trusted with huge budgets, senior marketers heavily involved in the purchase of media, a wide range of marketing services and a growing number of technology hardware and software products.


What they buy


Senior marketing professionals are involved in the final purchasing decisions of the following products & services:

  • Media - Marketers decide which TV networks, radio stations, newspapers, magazines, digital products and Out-of-Home media firms they advertise with.
  • Marketing services agencies - Marketers decide with creative, media planning & buying, PR, digital, event marketing, DM, brand consulting and packaging agencies they partner with.
  • Venues, AV kit and talent - Marketers decide which venues, AV suppliers and modelling & talent agencies they will work with to make their events engaging and memorable.
  • Media monitoring services - Marketers decide which media monitoring service providers and which media monitoring software they will engage to monitor how their brands are being reported in the mainstream media and in the social media space. 
  • Photography & footage services - Marketers decide which commercial photographers and stock footage providers they will use to make their advertisements, digital executions and brochures truly engaging and effective.
  • CRM software - Marketers area heavily involved in the decision on which CRM software their companies buy to manage their customers and analyse customer data.
  • Colour printers - Marketers decide which high quality colour printers they need in their departments to make their presentations and reports look as good as they can. In addition, marketers decide which large format printers their companies will buy which will allow them to take their banner and small signage production inhouse. 
  • Print services - Marketers decide which print services providers they will use to print their brochures quickly and efficiently.
  • Market research services - Marketers decide which research agencies they will use to get consumer insights, test concepts and measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.

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