Our Brands






Each Lighthouse brand serves a different group of business decision makers and provides their respective target audiences with the content they need in a wide variety of very different ways. However, as different as they are from each other, all Lighthouse brands share three core attributes:


They are needed - Each Lighthouse brand's target audience has a genuine information need that the brand fulfils. If the target audience does not need the content we can provide, or if that content is easily sourced elsewhere, we don't launch the brand.


They are relevant - The content mix provided by each Lighthouse brand is the product of on-going qualitative and quantitative research into the information needs of each brand's target audience. This keeps all Lighthouse brands relevant to their target audiences and very well read.


They are trusted - Regardless of how many platforms Lighthouse brands deliver their content, that content is not for sale. As a result, Lighthouse brands are trusted by their target audiences who are able to rely on them for decision support and are happy to recommend them to their peers.

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