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Human Resources has been serving the HR management community in Asia since 2003. Through its monthly magazine, daily email newsletter, regional website and suite of market-leading events, Human Resources exists to help HR managers throughout the Asian region do their jobs better.


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  • Human Resources is regional - With deep market penetration in the key Southeat Asian cities of Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore and a growing presence in China, Indonesia and the Philippines, Human Resources is the only regional HR information brand in Asia Pacific.

  • Human Resources is a community - Human Resources is more than a magazine, more than an event organiser - Human Resources is a community of senior HR professionals that exists in print, online and at live events.

  • Human Resources is trusted - Senior HR managers do not have time to read magazines and websites or attend events they can not trust, this is why they choose to read Human Resources content and attend Human Resources events more than any other HR information brand in Asia.

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