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Marketing serves two audiences: client marketers and agency professionals. No other brand is read by more client marketers and agency professionals in Asia. Through its monthly magazines, daily email newsletters, mobile app, weekly TV shows and its suite of targeted events,  Marketing exists to help marketing decision makers in Hong Kong and Singapore do their jobs better.
Brand Attributes
  • Marketing is needed - Senior client marketers and the agency professionals who work on their accounts are at the forefront of business, doing what they can to build their brands and sell their products. Marketing provides the information they need better than any other brand which is why more marketing decision makers in Asia get their industry information from Marketing than from any other source.
  • Marketing is relevant - All Marketing content - delivered in print, digitally or through live events - is the product of on-going qualitative and quantitative research into the information needs of senior advertising & marketing professionals in Asia. Marketing products contain more of what advertising & marketing decision makers want to read.
  • Marketing is trusted - It is a well-known fact that Marketing content is not for sale; advertisers can not buy favourable coverage. Senior advertising & marketing decision makers do not have time to read magazines and websites they can not trust, this is why they choose to read Marketing content more than any other brand.
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