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HR Bulletin, the daily companion to the monthly print edition, has been the HR news service of choice for senior HR managers throughout Asia since 2005.


While the print edition of Human Resources is more analytical and in-depth, HR Bulletin provides a daily dose of business news specifically tailored to HR practitioners. For HR managers in Asia Pacific, HR Bulletin's easily digested collection of short, snappy news items from around the region are the perfect start to the day.




Each edition of HR Bulletin carries 12 news items as well as links to the digital version of the latest edition of Human Resources magazine as well as the most recent postings from HRjobs, Asia's leading HR-specific recruitment site.




HR Bulletin is a subscription-based email newsletter distributed free of charge to qualified current and active decision makers with an average daily distribution of 46,798 subscribers with an average open rate of 13.15% and an average click rate 4.09%.


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Free distribution to qualified HR directors, HR managers and HR decision makers in medium & large organisations who have completed the online subscription form in the past 12 months. HR Bulletin is emailed to current and active HR decision makers who want to receive and read it.
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