Imagine a conference where the audience is perfect, the venue is outstanding, the networking is planned in detail and the execution is seamless – you’re now thinking of a Lighthouse Summit.


Held only in first class venues away from the distractions of the city, Lighthouse Summit’s are strictly ‘by invitation only’ events, reserved for C-Level professionals from the very best companies in their vertical. With a strict ratio of two VIP end users to every solutions provider at the event - an industry benchmark - and with a near fifty-fifty split between classy facilitated networking and high end content, it’s a quality of experience that isn’t easy to come by. 


By keeping the entire audience at the very top level, and by not letting anything dilute this, Lighthouse Summits are able to give attendees the perfect diet of information and insights that are pertinent to them, not their juniors. Lighthouse Summits also provide all attendees with intimate networking with industry peers who are their equals - those who share the same challenges and who could seize the same opportunities. This networking isn’t left to chance, though, there are at least two planned out and facilitated networking functions at every Summit. The question is:- just how many new contacts and industry friends will you make? Still picturing the perfect event?


For more information on upcoming summits, including opportunities to be involved as a speaker, sponsor or attendee, feel free to contact us.


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