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Human Resources magazine has been the best read and most trusted magazine for HR professionals in Asia for over a decade. What has made Human Resources so special from the very beginning is that it is not a trade magazine - it's a business magazine for HR professionals in Asia.




For senior HR managers across Asia, Human Resources' deep analysis of HR management trends, developments and new insights, as well as its longer-form case studies, are required reading. Each issue of Human Resources carries  insights plus in-depth examination of major topical issues,  heavyweight industry reports and a feature on the development of a key area of human capital strategy.




Human Resources is a subscription-based magazine distributed free of charge to qualified current and active decision makers with a print circulation of 40,652 and a readership of over 170,000. In addition, a digital version of every edition of Human Resources magazine is distributed to a further 32,297 recipients bringing Human Resources' circulation to a total of 72,949.


Human Resources' circulation has been audited by the ABC since 2004.


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Free distribution to qualified HR directors, HR managers and HR decision makers in medium & large organisations who have completed the online subscription form in the past 12 months. Human Resources is posted to current and active HR decision makers who want to receive and read it.
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